22nd May 2007

Internet Enabled Microwave

Internet enabled microwave ovens have been hitting the market regularly in recent times. They are among the household appliances which have been connected with the internet in order to serve every home in a better way. These types of internet enabled household items have become rather common these days with one also hearing of the internet washing machine and the internet refrigerator. Most of the leading names in consumer electronics are doing their bit in enhancing the features of household electronic appliances and products such as the internet microwave oven are a result of their research. LG has taken a lead when it comes to internet enabled household electronic appliances. Their cute little yet powerful microwave is already a success in several markets.

These internet enabled microwave ovens come with an LCD touch screen panel. This panel additionally doubles up as a conventional microwave control apart from being a internet access screen. The internet microwave uses an embedded modem for accessing the World Wide Web. The LCD panel can do a lot for you with its features. For instance you can download cooking time and microwave levels. This enables automatic cooking. You can also search for new recipes online with your microwave now. Since you are surfing the internet from the user –friendly front panel, you can always bookmark certain web pages for reference later on. You can also specifically bookmark certain websites for ordering or shopping for grocery items.

The internet enabled microwave oven has come as a boon to literally everyone in the family. Since most of us do spend a significant amount of time inside our kitchens, internet access right inside the kitchen is something that we all look forward too. What this means is that