22nd Mar 2004

Reviews Apple G4 Powerbook 1 GHz

The Apple G4 PowerBook packs a lot of punch into a surprisingly small package. It features a PowerPC G4 processor at speeds up to1 GHz (translates into about 2 GHz for a PC). Its 15.2-inch screen provides a crisp, clear image and the SuperDrive featured on the high-end model allows the user to read and burn both CDs and DVDs. A hard drive of up to 60 GB and 512 Mb RAM upgradeable to 1 GB make the PowerBook G4 one of the most powerful laptops on the market. All this power is packed into a 1-inch thick titanium body that weighs only 5.3 pounds. However, all these features come at a price: the high-end model will put you out $3,000, much more than most laptops.

The PowerBook G4 comes in a stylish silver case that is only 1 inch thick and weighs a mere 5.3 pounds. The titanium body is durable, although the paint chips easily around the edges. The slot-loading DVD-R/ CD-RW Superdrive allows users to read and write CDs and 4.7 GB DVD-R discs. Music CDs are simple to burn with the included iTunes software, DVDs that can be read on most DVD players are created using iDVD (included). It uses a lithium-ion battery with a 5-hour battery life.

The included ports (2 USB and 1 FireWire) can be limiting when attaching external devices. The 15.2-inch screen is bright and clear, but it is not ideal for editing images or videos, because it can be difficult to tell the actual brightness when viewing the screen from some angles. Built in microphone and speakers are handy, although the speakers do not provide very good sound quality. The PowerBook also lacks a hard drive activity light and a Zip drive. The touch pad can be difficult to use and purchasing an external mouse is recommended.

The PowerBook G4 is an excellent and powerful computer with few problems, but it is a little pricey for most consumers. Lower priced models are available (667 MHz $1,999 and 867 MHz $2,299), although neither includes a DVD burner. The PowerBook G4 is recommended for anybody requiring a high-end computer with a lot of processing power that also travels well.

Apple G4 PowerBook

512 MB RAM
60 GB Hard Drive
DVD-R/CD-RW Combo Drive
56K Internal Modem
15.2″ Display (1280 x 854)

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