22nd Oct 2004

Reviews for CFD-ZW755 Sony Stereo System

This is a decent and fairly inexpensive boombox. It comes with a remote control, which has power on/off, tuner and volume, and 10 buttons that provide direct access of CD tracks and radio presets. The remote control is useful, although it takes a lot of pointing to get the stereo to respond.

Also, unless there are batteries in the stereo, whenever the boombox is unplugged or the power goes out, all of the radio presets are lost, so every time you want to move it, or the power failure in your house, you have to reset the presets. When you have to switch to a radio station that you have not put on a preset, it can be very annoying using the tuning buttons, because it takes a very long time to get to the right station.

It also can run off of batteries for 10 – 20 hours(depending on the type of battery used,) or can be plugged in. The Radio reception is not the best in a lot of areas, including small rooms, and the overall sound quality is just OK.

This boombox has a clock/sleep timer, which allows you to fall asleep listening to, or wake up to a CD, and can also pre-program a CD to play in any order. Another nifty feature of the CFD-ZW755 is that it has four pattern electronic sound modes, which are rock, pop, jazz, and vocal, allowing you to set it to the appropriate setting for what you are listening to.

Overall, this is a good buy for the average person, but if great sound quality is desired, a better boombox would be wanted. Although some of the nifty features don’t work very well, the ones that do work are neat, and this is a good buy for your money.

CFD-ZW755 Sony Stereo System


Remote control
Dual stereo cassette deck
Digital AM/FM stereo turner
Mega Bass® sound system
4 pattern elecronic sound mode
CD player with 1 bit D/A converter
20 track RMS
Clock/sleep timer
Syncronized CD/cassette dubbing
Full auto stop

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